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Teaching English through Blogs


Nowadays, reading and writing online are core skills that students need to be competent in order to keep up with the times. Teaching with blogs gives the opportunity to engage students in real life situations. It enables students to publish their writing easily and to share their writing with an authentic audience.

If students write entries and comment on the entries of their peers, they will be interacted with a lively literacy world outside. Students can post on movies, journals, novels, fashion or they can keep a diary in English. Once a student posts an entry, others in the class can respond, provide supportive feedback, and offer additional suggestions or perspectives. By writing and commenting on blogs, students write for real readers (not just for their teachers). As a result, students focus on clear communication and get immediate feedback on their progress.


Step by step teaching blogging to help students improve their English;

1. At the very first you have to choose a blog hosting. Some blog hostings like wordpress.com, or blogspot.com are the lead ones. I use wordpress with my own classes. I can suggest it, as it is more user friendly.

2.Demonstrate the blog hosting you have chosen for class.

3.  Choose a purpose. For their first few blog entries, provide several writing prompts that students can respond to. Choose writing activities that fit your goal for the blogs. For instance, if you want to use the blog entries to improve their writing, give some topics and they can do a free writing exercise. They can write about a life experience as well.

4. After students have posted entries, talk about the purpose of blog comments. Look at the comments on a popular blog or posted on a local newspaper in response to articles. Emphasize the importance of providing useful suggestinos and supportive feedback.

5- You, as their teacher, should follow their blogs and make some comments of their posts.

These two are the example blogs which belong to English Leaners:




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