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Posters for ESL Clasrooms

Colour Your  Classroom

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As debate over education reform sizzles, and as teachers valiantly continue trying to do more with less, a new study suggests that it might be worth diverting at least a little attention from what’s going on in classrooms to how those spaces are being designed. The paper, published in the journalBuilding and the Environment, found that classroom design could be attributed to a 25% impact, positive or negative, on a student’s progress over the course of an academic year.  http://www.fastcodesign.com/1671627/study-shows-how-classroom-design-affects-student-learning

These days I have been searching for some colorful posters to use in language classrooms. There are some important details which you have to be careful about preparing them for your own classrooms. First of all, try to choose suitable ones for the right level and  the right student groups. Some of them are really cute and you may want to use them just to colour your classroom walls. Yet, some posters which include cartoons, fictional characters etc. are likely to seem much  childish to your sudents. Moreover, the words & phrases on these posters are supposed to have an educative value as well. Also, it is better if you are attentive about stimulating their creativity and imagination choosing these posters to use. Anyway, if you google them, there are loads of posters – some of them include really nice quotations which will be quite motivating for your students to see them everday over and over again- you can adapt for your own classroom. To sum up, using posters in ESL classrooms is a marvellous way to inspire your students.

These are some random posters to make your classroom walls samarter. You can just print out or adapt them for your own student groups.






Mystery Preview Pic detective

Vocab Prior Knowledge

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