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Tips: Teaching ESL Writing

teacher with writing class

Writing, as one of the four language skills,  has plenty of profound strategies which help learners reach their goals in producing many written tasks. It is possibly, the most difficult skill for many students as it requires productivity. Yet, a teacher can make it success if she engages the students in lessons and sets the scene successfully.  Actually, I plan to keep this post short but there are many things I want to say about teaching writing to (ESL) students.. For the next post, I will write about teaching  writing thoroughly. For this one, I want to share you these videos which include miscellaneous writing practices.

This one is really good.

2. This one is precious as it shows how cooperative learning works!

As for the academic writing, there are some important steps.


How Can We Help Students? 

  1. Use a problem-driven approach to writing projects, perhaps using informal and exploratory writing during one part of the course to help students set up questions or problems for longer, research projects.
  2. Use more non-graded, exploratory writing.
  3. Build talk-time into the writing process.
  4. Provide several interventions into the process so you can respond to project proposals, thesis statements, or abstracts.
  5. Try peer review of drafts.
  6. Hold writing conferences, perhaps in small groups or individually.
  7. Ask students to hand in drafts and notes. This also helps curb plagiarism.
  8. Allow rewrites.
  9. Hold to high standards for finished products.

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