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Free Voluntary Reading

images The studies have shown that EFL students who read a lot seem to acquire English better than those who do not. They “do not only improve in their reading abilities, but also improve in using and increasing their English abilities and knowledge. Without getting much exposure to reading materials in class, EFL students are unlikely to make much progress (Nation, 1997, p.7). Realizing the importance of reading for EFL students, it is then very crucial for EFL students to have good reading proficiency. Therefore, as well as the reading that is done in class, the kind of reading that is done outside of the class is of paramount significance. Extensive reading which is a kind of reading for pleasure is a great opportunity for students to be exposed to the target language. Free Voluntary Reading is the source of reading ability, learning new words, spelling and grammar structure. When you give students interesting things to read, they will definitely read them enthusiastically. I would like to share one of Stephen Krashen’s great seminers. This one is on The Power of Reading. I wish you could exploit the ideas as much as you can.


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